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David Bercot Teaching on Early Church History at North River on December 1
by Joey Harris - Saturday, November 17, 2018, 12:59 PM


Saturday, December 1, 2018

You are invited to hear David Bercot, an expert on Early

Church History.

9:00 — Coffee / fellowship
9:30 — Opening session
9:40-10:30 — Class 1: How the Church Turned the World Upside-down (30-300 AD) — David Bercot
10:50-11:40 — Class 2: How the World Turned the ChurchUpside-down (300-400 AD) — David Bercot
12:00-12:50 — Q&A: David Bercot, Joey Harris, Douglas Jacoby
12:50-1:10 — Final things 


While it is not necessary to attend all three classes, please do not come after a class has already begun. The session is being filmed. Also, please remember to turn off the volume on your phone.

Adults, campus, teens, middle school all welcome. (No younger children, please.)


There is a $10 fee for attendance, to defray the costs of the Bercots’ travel. (fee covers all 3 classes)