Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AIM cost?

AIM courses are very reasonable compared to other online courses of similar depth and duration.  A standard AIM Online course is $199 for full credit and $99 to audit.  Discounts are often offered on the website or at particular locations, especially for programs held onsite or programs involving large numbers of students.  If you bought DVDs of previous AIM courses from IPI Books, you may receive full credit for a course by completing the course requirements and paying a $99 examination fee.  

If you wish to hold AIM session onsite at your church or another location closer to you (AIM Onsite), the cost/student is negotiable and depends on the number of students you expect to attend.

What are my options for taking AIM courses?

There are currently two ways to take AIM courses:

AIM Distance Learning

In our Distance program, you can watch recorded classes online at your own pace.

AIM Onsite

You can arrange for AIM to hold a session for your local church (a minimum number of credit students is required, this depends on size of church).

How do I get started?

Simply decide which class you would like to take and pay online for the class.  That’s it – you are registered!  When we receive your payment, we will give you access to the class and/or contact you with any details you will need to get started.

Which class should I take first?

You can take AIM classes in any order you like; our classes are independent of each other.  (With AIM Live, you should begin with the next class offered.  You can find information on AIM Live sessions on our website.)

What is the difference between auditing a class and taking it for credit?

To take a course for credit, you must attend all classes, do the required reading and pass the end of course test.  Once you have passed all of the required AIM courses, you will receive AIM certification.  

When auditing a class, we encourage you to attend class and do the required reading for a better learning experience, but it is not required.  With auditing, you do not take the end of course test.

What are credit requirements?

Take all of the required courses, do the required reading and pass the end of course tests.

How many courses must I complete for AIM certification?

You must complete all of the required AIM courses (currently 12 courses, this is subject to change) to receive AIM certification.

Does AIM “credit” mean I can receive college credit?

Taking AIM for credit entitles you to receive a certificate of completion.  Many churches require or use AIM courses as a form of preparatory or continuing education credit for their staff.  Although AIM is not currently an accredited college program, some colleges, universities and seminaries have in fact accept AIM courses for transfer credit and advanced credit toward their graduation requirements for AIM graduates.

How long does the AIM program take to complete?

If you take classes consecutively, our program takes approximately two years.

Do I have to take AIM classes back to back?

We have found it is best for information retention to take our courses consecutively, but it is not a requirement.  If you find you need to stop for a while, you can pick back up later where you left off.

What is the required reading for AIM courses?

You can find a list of required reading for all AIM courses on our website, under “Bibliography” under About AIM in the top menu.

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