AIM Program 2023 - 2025

AIM courses may be purchased individually or at a discount in pre-packaged modules granting a digital certificate focused on particular study goals. For the most significant cost savings, you may also register for the entire diploma program* all at once.

* The option to audit AIM courses is no longer available.

Available Modules (2023 - 2025)

  • New Testament Module: Includes New Testament Survey, New Testament Interpretation, Exploring Hebrews, Communicating Biblical Truth

  • Old Testament Module: Includes Old Testament Survey, Old Testament Interpretation, Exploring Amos, Communicating Biblical Truth

  • Counseling Module: Includes Counseling & Psychology, Spiritual Life, Family Life, Christ & Culture

  • Spiritual Perspective Module: Includes Apologetics/Evangelism, Doctrine/Holy Spirit, Church History, Worldviews/Evangelism

  • A la carte: Includes Choose any 4 courses of your preference


 * Either the New Testament or Old Testament module is a prerequisite for the Counseling Module. That is, you must take either NT or OT and Counseling to receive a certificate for Counseling 





Course image Complete Payment For Full AIM Program
AIM Program 2023-2026
Enrollment on payment

This is not an actual course. Registration and payment in this "course" enroll you in all of the standard AIM Progam courses at once.

You can pay for the entire program at once for a heavily discounted price of $1499 (50% discount!) in a single payment. This is the best value of all of our payment options.

Or you can choose an installment payment plan of 3 payments of $599 each.